Thursday, April 4, 2013

Woman's World Magazine ~

The April 15 issue of Woman's World Magazine has quotes from me in one of their regular columns.  They have graciously given me permission to share the piece with you.  Enjoy.  Be inspired.  Pick up the magazine!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Did you forget something, Dr. Oz?

Every day I record Dr. Oz's show.  Like most women in America I adore him.   How many Western trained doctors much less surgeons include nutrition, yoga and meditation in their practice?  I was lucky enough to be introduced to 'alternative' medicine by my internist Dr. Soram Khalsa who was recently a guest on the show.  Through Dr. Soram I became involved in Traditional Chinese Medicine which I feel saved my life almost 11 years ago when I was diagnosed with third stage uterine cancer.  Yes, I had surgery and chemotherapy.  In fact it was Dr. Soram and my Chinese doctor the wonderful Linda Zhang, DOM, PhD who insisted I do the Western and Eastern protocols simultaneously. Chinese medicine has identified over 100 anti-cancer herbs that are in effect 'natural chemotherapy' and I use them to this day. Meshing the wisdom of the ages with the advances of today seems to me the ideal way to go whether you are fighting for your life or merely seeking to maintain a high level of vitality.

While I was being introduced to alternative medicine I was blessed to meet practitioners from many of the healing arts.  It's funny in life how you think you are traveling down a specific road only to find you are actually headed to a surprise destination.  The worlds of yoga (the ancient teachings not just the postures) and Feng Shui have had an enormous influence in my life.  When my clients want to learn more about Feng Shui and how it can help them live richer, healthier lives, there is only one person I turn to ~ Ariel Joseph Towne, the Feng Shui Guy.  And guess what?  He too has been on Dr. Oz! We have so much control over our bodies and our environments it hurts me to see people throw away their health and ignore their environments. 

So what do I think Dr. Oz has forgotten?  Every day he offers ways to lose weight, get fit and be healthy.  But if your environment is in chaos or you have no clue how to go about inviting change into your life, what do you do? The deck is stacked against you.  Yes, I've seen the organizing segments to date.  But oh! Dr. Oz how I would like to create something with your team that would go deeper and help more people.  Will I get that chance, Dr. Oz?

What type of information would you most like to find here?

June 2009, in China

June 2009, in China
At the Summer Palace outside Beijing

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