Friday, January 30, 2009

The Weekend Beckons...

3:34 PM PST, January 30, 2009
It's not just any weekend, of course, it's Super Bowl Sunday. I hope you're planning to enjoy the afternoon with family and friends. It's fun to share food and an event like this, isn't it? With the economy in turmoil, don't hesitate to ask for help. Let every guest make a food contribution. This will take some of the preparation off your shoulders...and save a little money in the process.

Paper products cost a fortune, don't they? Go with the plain if you don't want to use your dishes. People will admire the football design on paper plates and napkins for 10 seconds and then cover it all with food. They don't need the football...they need a delicious meal.

By the way, if you have pets in the home remember that a large group of people laughing and shouting at the TV can cause them to become upset. Perhaps they can have some quiet time in a room by themselves? I'm not suggesting this is necessary for all pets. My old golden retriever is so deaf, they could be playing the game in my living room and he wouldn't care. I'm only suggesting you be mindful...especially if you got a new puppy or kitten over the recent holiday.

In chapter 11, the month of November in "One Year to an Organized Life," I have detailed instructions for planning the mother of all dinner parties...Thanksgiving. Once you master that event, something like Super Bowl Sunday is a cake walk. If you have the book, read that chapter and see if you can pick up any additional tips that will help you get ready for Sunday.

My mother grew up in Western Pa. and her two youngest sisters are still, yes...I'm rooting for the Steelers.

Great weekend, everyone.

And by the way, Happy Chinese New Year! Exit the Rat...enter the Ox.
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Divide...and conquor.

11:38 AM PST, January 28, 2009
It's so easy to get overwhelmed when you're faced with a big project. It can even happen with a small project that involves something you aren't interested in or feel you aren't good at.

Divide and conquor are the watch words.

Break that task into small increments. Work systematically. My One Year to ...books do that for you. I take a project like organizing the bedroom and divide the steps over four weeks. I put the bedroom in February because it's the month we think about love...and you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Show your love by creating a nurturing atmosphere in the bedroom...even if you're in there alone!

In the office I chose organizing your space for the month of February. The literal space is like dressing your body. It's what folks see on the outside. Your file system is created during March. It's like taking care of your insides. Inside and outside: working in concert. Body, mind and soul at peace.

And you thought organizing was about 'stuff!'

The whole of any project is....

9:31 AM PST, January 26, 2009

It really does help to break things down into small sections and work systematically until you are done. I had a lot of paper work piled up because of my recent travels. Over the past weekend, I had to take my own advice. Guess what? It works! I went step by step and suddenly the 'engine of completion' took over and voila! everything is filed and tackled. I'll have to figure out what my reward is today. You deserve one as well when you face these organizing challenges. Remember: a stack of anything is really a series of unmade decisions.

Great Monday, Everyone!

Attitude is everythinbg in life....

10:16 AM PST, January 25, 2009
It's a beautiful Sunday in Los Angeles. We have a sunny day sandwiched between two rain storms. I'm on my way out to knock off my daily three mile walk. I just skimmed the Sunday paper and added more research material for my next book: One Year to an Organized Financial Life. I'm really excited about this father and mother were very responsible with money but they had no idea how or what to teach me. It has been part of my life journey to learn just how money works. I'll be writing this book with financial planner Russell Wild. It will be out next year at this time.

But first?

Those three miles are calling to me!

On the Road Again...

12:23 PM PST, January 24, 2009

I was in Houston, Texas last week for four days. I taught my first seminar based on the material in my new book "One Year to an Organized Work Life" at the Unity Church of Christianity. The next day I worked with two brave souls from the audience.

The time difference is only two hours but it has taken me a few days to adjust. Now I'm back in my home office getting caught up on my own paper work. Yes, professional organizers have paper work. LOL. My ancient, sweet golden retriever needs his walk now and then I'll knock off my daily three miles and return to the computer. It's important to move the body and embrace some kind of exercise...even if it's only 5 minutes a day taking the stairs in your office building. Movement helps clear the mental cob webs.

Great weekend, Everyone!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year's step at a time

January 16, 2009

I'm preparing to leave for Houston on Saturday the 17th to lecture at The Unity Church of Christianity and then work with a private client. If you're reading this and live in Houston, please come and say hello! The talk will be Sunday afternoon. This is a beautiful venue and open to all. I'll be teaching concepts from "One Year to an Organized Work Life."

Life has once again prevented me from writing here as often as I'd like. No matter...let's look at your list of possible resolutions for this new year. If you created this on or about the second of January, you've had some time to think about the items on your list. I have a few questions. To wit:

Are there a few things you'd like to realistically eliminate? If not for all time, how about just this year?

Could you put numbers or letters next to the items that remain? Now you can create a prioritized list rather than a random one.

Do you see that some of these items are related? For example, if you have 'exercise,' 'lose weight,' 'stop smoking' and 'eat a better diet' on your list, you could create a group. These resolutions are all part of a bigger

Looking at these items as steps to achieving one big goal makes them less daunting.

Play with your list in this way.

More from Texas this weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year: will it mean a New You?

January 2, 2009

I'm so sorry to have fallen off the 'posting wagon!' I have to confess that I actually took time to enjoy myself this December. I'm a type A personality by nature and it's sometimes difficult for me to slow down. Of course the fact I love my work adds to the issue: it's a joy to write, to work with my clients and to help promote my books. Very often everything else feels like a distraction.

On December 17 I had the good fortune to be a guest at Miraval Spa outside Tucson. I was invited to participate in their first ever Writer's Program. Miraval is a place of healing and perfection. I had a wonderful time and much to my surprise came home with new friends and new clients! Sometimes my cup truly runneth over...

When I returned to Los Angeles on the 21st, the holiday season was in full swing. I decided to continue to unwind. I'm about to begin work on my seventh book: One Year to an Organized Financial Life. I never experience writer's block and I think the reason is that for a good month before I ever sit down to write, I'm working the manuscript out in my head. I walk at least 3 miles a day, for example, and it's a great time to mull things over. By the time I'm facing the keyboard, I'm ready to rock!

My great PR project at this moment in time, however, is getting the word out about my just released book One Year to an Organized Work Life. I've taken the principles from my New York Times best seller One Year to an Organized Life and applied them to the office. The basics stay the same. What changes with all of our organizing challenges are the items in our hands. Whether it's a blouse, a bill, a pack of batteries or a project for work or school, the Magic Formula will carry you home to peace, order and calm.

What is The Magic Formula? It's a three step process: Eliminate (what you don't need, use or want), Categorize (keep related items together for automatic inventory control) and then Organize (when you are done, your categories should be beautiful, functional and easy to maintain). But today I'd like to write about the New Year....there's always time for The Magic Formula. In fact over the next few days, I'll show you how to use it to achieve your goals for 2009.

The reality of life is that every midnight ushers in a new beginning. January 1st has special power and momentum because the entire world is focused on the change to a new year. We can join forces with millions of others and feel the 'psychic surge.' But change isn't magical, it requires work and willingness to let go of the status more often than not, our desire to change becomes a good intention that is never acted upon.

Let's join forces and fill 2009 with a different experience.

For today, I'd like you to write down all the things you would like to change or do in this year. There are no limits. Vomit it all down on paper! I'll be back on Sunday to help you examine your list. For now, the sky's the limit...dream a little!


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