Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Organizing Tip of the Week (Is your purse heavier this time of year?)

At some point during an organizing session I will inevitably pick up a client's purse to either hand it to her or move it out of the way.  It always weighs a ton!  I tease my clients and say that if I just stop for a minute and 'pump the purse' I'll have toned biceps.

But super heavy purses are no laughing matter.  They place stress on your shoulder and neck.  I'm all for keeping chiropractors in business but not for this reason. Follow the Magic Formula and dump everything out in a clear work zone.  Usually that's the dining room table or your bed. Start eliminating what you don't need to carry.  File your receipts.  Toss those empty gum wrappers, stale candy bars and whittle your make up and hair accessories down to what you realistically need for a quick touch up.

Now create categories.  Keep them together with something like the above tool you can insert inside your 'big bag.'  But let me say that this solution doesn't work for me.  Why would I need a purse inside my purse? How much does it weigh before I add a single item? You catch my drift. I like zippered pouches that will hold my individual categories. You can find a nice selection at The Container Store.

I've written about heavy purses before but it bears repeating during this season when most people are schlepping extra sweaters and shoes or boots. If you have to transport a bevy of items at least divide and conquer: keep valuables and cosmetics in your purse and those seasonal items in a carry all.  Your back will thank you for the divided load!

I promised career news in my last post and here it is for those who took the time to read to the end:  I'm working on book number 10!  It's called Downsize Your Life and is all about doing better with less and  managing a successful move to a new location.  I spent 6 months last year changing my own life and location.  I'm oh so ready to help you do the same!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review Resolutions ~ a late January ritual

I am surprised to see I haven't written a post since Thanksgiving! I needed a break to refresh my body, mind and perspective in order to offer you the best material possible.  Now as they say ... I'm back! Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?  Have they gone by the wayside or did you surprise yourself? As exciting a night as New Year's Eve is it's only one midnight of many, right?  You always have a chance to begin again. Don't get stuck in self recriminations just get going again!

I decided to work on four things this year.  I hope you don't mind if I share my personal goals with you for 2014.
  1. After a decade off I started to cook again and host intimate dinner parties.  Cooking was once a passion and now I am enjoying old favorite recipes and slowly experimenting with some new ones.  I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 30 years (that means I eat eggs and dairy but no meat, fowl, fish or poultry).  I'm toying with the idea of going vegan out of respect for my animal friends who suffer so much on factory farms.  
  2. When I was just out of college I was fluent in French. I adore the language, the people and the country but the years pass and with no way to practice I was reduced to pleasantries. I have no doubt that I sound like a five year old when the opportunity to speak arises. I decided to study again just for the love of the language with no particular goal in mind and certainly no thought of ever being fluent again.  Voila! I made the commitment and what should come to me but a great, free language app called Duolingo.  I'm giving about 10 minutes a day to practice. We'll see where I am in a year. You can learn several languages with this app and it's fun.
  3. I decided to learn how to read music but I gave myself a start date of March 1st so that I wasn't overwhelmed.  I shared this goal with friends and guess what happened?  I was gifted with  an electronic keyboard and directed to two websites that teach music on the net.  I'll check them out and once I get started I'll let you know my progress.
  4. I saved the best for last. I've always adopted dogs who were at least a year old because puppies are a huge responsibility.  Last year however I fell in love with my Charlie when he was 6 months old.  He turned one on the 19th of January and we're in the middle of a year long adventure.  I have a private trainer to fine tune our relationship and we go to a group class so he can master the basics. It requires patience and practice every single day. I want Charlie to have a 'job' because I think every being functions better when they have a purpose.  Will we do rally together?  Will he turn out to be a service dog?  Will he charm the media on my behalf?  It's all to be revealed.  Right now 'Sit,' 'Down,' 'Stay' and 'Leave it' are all we can wrap our minds around.
What are you learning, changing or dreaming about this year?  Whatever it is an organized approach will make your journey an easier one than if you're flying blind on emotion. Let me know what you are up to! Tomorrow I have some career news.

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June 2009, in China

June 2009, in China
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